Zoelisha "Zoe" Bertha is Audrey's older sister in Harvey Street Kids, who debuted as the main antagonist in the Season 1 finale "The Monsters Are Due on Harvey Street" and the first Season 2 episode "Raiders of the Lost Park". She later became recurring in the rest of the series having a less antagonistic role as she took time to develop until she fully redeemed in Let It Zo.


Zoe is Audrey's older sister and apparent rival and leader of the Fighting Bananas Cheer Squad. After they were banned from every boba tea shop they used to frequent, Zoe, Maria, and Stu devised a plan to steal the hand of the statue of the founder, Harvey E. Harveston, while wearing a huge banana-like costume to distract the Harvey Kids, so they can paint the park, the climbing tree, and the Harvey Girls' trailer clubhouse, making all of them theirs by park law. Audrey angrily knew that it could only be her sister, known reckoning the taste being bananas, while both Dot and Lotta were shocked as they had no idea that Audrey even had a sister.

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  • Audrey never had a sister in the franchise, although, she did have a brother nicknamed "Patches" in the Saint John comics' incarnation.
  • It is unknown why both Zoe and Audrey supposedly don't live together on Harvey Street.
  • She spends years teaching Audrey to speak fake words to make her sound insane.
  • In "Raiders of the Lost Park", her full name is revealed to be Zoelisha Bertha.
  • She once stuffed Audrey into a box and tried to mail her to Abu Dhabi, a reference to Garfield.
  • She has a crush on Mike Yank (the name of the story editor of the show) from 5th period English.
  • Criminal Record: Child abuse/torture. Zoe is constantly tormenting her sister and made said sister worship her years prior to the show.


  1. Fourth season. Asumming she has a similar age than Maria
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