Tinaceous T. Tonner[1] (more commonly known as Tiny, formerly Tiny-ish[2]) is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids.


Tiny, like his name implies, is really short, despite being in the third grade (even small enough to blown away by a strong gust of wind), and as such is obsessed with anything that makes him even just a bit taller. He is Lotta's first known friend, from when she was little Lotta, prior to meeting Dot and Audrey.



  • Tiny is based on his official counterpart, a supporting character from the Little Audrey comic series and 1996's Richie Rich cartoon.
  • Tiny is one of the three characters in Harvey Street Kids to originate from the Little Audrey comics, the other two being Melvin and Lucretia.


  1. Revealed in "Tiny Danger"
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