Raccoon Hoarder Picture Show is the second segment of the 12th episode in season 1 of Harvey Street Kids. The title of this episode is a reference to the 1975 musical film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


The Harvey Girls head into the forest to track down the raccoons that stole their Horn-a-Corn dream house.



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S01E24 Mapaches robando juguete

Racoons stealing the Harvey Girls' Horn-A-Corns play set

The episode begins with the Horn-A-Corns showing its new place, the hornhead where it has a half tube, a fitting room and an aquarium. When Bruce appears depressed, Lotta interrupts the fantasy by telling Audrey, and therefore the former moves her back to her fishbowl. When Dot was setting up the Wi-Fi, she hears a plunger flute where Audrey interprets it with the presence of Suze, a raccoon who wants to steal their toys. While the girls set out to teach her how to make one, Suze uses his accomplices to steal it while distracting Audrey. Although the racoons achieves its goal, the girls set out to retrieve it along with other objects that have been stolen from the kids on the block, such as Lucretia's roller skates, Gerald's disco ball and Melvin's crown and a sword.

S01E24 Mapaches varios

The hiding place of the raccoons in the park

Audrey plans an assault on the racoon colony with water balloons, but Lotta wants to negotiate with them. Therefore, the girls prepare themselves to attack if the negotiations fail. However, they do not know where the colony is, since Audrey loses the Raccoon's trace of smell and Lotta's animal friends refuse to help her, because in a later episode it's shown that always has been friends each other. Audrey ends up capturing Suze using a harmonica as bait and blackmails her playing it in a bad tone. Suze yields by offering to follow the path to the den, where they will reach an area covered with bushes that will turn out to be a passage.

The girls enter and find an abandoned playground where is shown all things stolen by them, even from ancient times such as 90s phones. Lotta realizes that the racoon community is not very different from her own because they are raccoon versions of Pinkeye, Melvin, The Bow, Gerald and Lucretia. The raccoons refuse to negotiate through grunts and Audrey was about to threaten them with water balloons, but they give up and show them where they got their stolen toy, however it was a trap since they sent them to a water well. The girls use a sheet as a spring and leave, but the raccoons keep track of them.

S01E24 Mapaches Harvey

All this time the raccoons were stealing for their young, which bear a certain resemblance to the Harvey Girls.

Audrey plans to destroy the toy as a payback because there is not a way out, however, they notice that three small raccoons similar to them, and the girls cease hostilities. Therefore, they agree that the raccoons will not steal any more and the girls give them the toy, along with hugging each other, including Audrey and Suze. The episode ends with Audrey and Suze stealing from each other the harmonica and the plunger flute


  • Audrey got her slide whistle back from Sues from "Girls Just Wanna Save Fun".
  • Despite that the raccoons were supposed to promise to never steal ever again, they continue to keep on stealing in later episodes such as "Treasure of the Sierra Harvey" and "Breaking Butt".
    • This also would include that the raccoons stealing for repurposing in their hideout were not acknowledged again after this episode.


  • Pinkeye, Fredo, The Bow, and Frufru don't appear in this episode, but there were raccoons who look like them that were shown in the episode.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Dot is the first one hearing the slide whistle from Sues, but she suddenly dons Netflix because of the Internet.


"Raccoon Horror Picture Show" was released to Netflix on June 29, 2018.


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