The Raccoon Abandon Playground Hideout is a hideout where the raccoons live. It was first seen in the episode Raccoon Hoarder Picture Show.


  • The playground hideout seems to be littered with some outdated items like a flip-phone. Either the items were left in the playground when it was first abandoned or the playground was much older than the kids could imagine and the raccoons have been stealing stuff since the mid 2000s.
  • In the episode Free Gilly, it reveals that the other animals on Harvey Street are regular visitors of the playground hideout as the raccoons actually allow the animals to visit their hideout.
    • That would also explain one of the reasons why the animals were too afraid to tell the Harvey Girls in the episode Raccoon Hoarder Picture Show, because the animals are suppose to keep the raccoons' hideout as a secret from most of the kids.
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