Melvin is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids. Despite being based on Melvin Wisenheimer of Harvey Comics, there is no evidence that he is his descendant.


Melvin is the self-proclaimed leader of the Bloogey Boys. He is Audrey's on & off rival. Their rivalry begins when Melvin called her a butt sandwich in the past (due to Audrey literally sitting on his sandwich). Melvin will do almost anything just to mess with Audrey, like messing up Hornicorn toys by drawing mustaches with his crayons.

Due to his love of pranks and gross things, this rivalry extends to Lotta and Dot, as he often causes mayhem.


Melvin has light brown skin, a dark mop of hair, freckles, a white T-shirt with a red stripe, brown pants, a yellow, light blue, and black Letterman jacket, brown shorts, orange Velcro sneakers, and an orange crown with yellow ovals along the side. He is slightly taller than Audrey.

Notable Relationships

  • Audrey
  • Bloogey Boys: Fredo and Pinkeye are Melvin's best friends. They all became friends after catching each other picking their noses at the same time.
  • Maria (sister): Melvin seems to fear and dislike his sister, but is willing to compromise if they can both score a win.


Melvin (Original)

Melvin's ancestor and wears his iconic 1930s outfit.

  • Melvin is based on his official counterpart, a supporting character from the Little Audrey comic series.
  • Melvin is one of the three characters in Harvey Street Kids to originate from the Little Audrey comics, the other two being Tiny and Lucretia.
  • He is superb at shooting with a spitball.

In the comics, his full name was Melvin Wisenheimer, however, though Melvin's last name still has yet to be revealed in Harvey Street Kids.

  • He collects comic books, but never read them for fear of decreasing their value.
  • His weakness is blueberry muffins.
  • He eats Mayo straight out of the jar.
  • He will never learn to write cursive.
  • He can't tie shoes.
  • He has a pet snake.
  • Zoe's friend, Maria looks just like Melvin.
  • In an episode he says "We like being gross, but not disgusting. It's a fine line." Implying that his uncouth disgusting ness was a facade.
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