Lucretia[1] is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids.


She is the Harvey Girls' biggest fan. She is very eccentric and level-headed, but somehow optimistic and overly enthusiastic. She also speaks with a lisp.


Lucretia is a cute, perky little girl, who has a brown hair. She wears a long-sleeved shirt, a sleeveless light blue dress, a teal shorts, white socks and a pair of very shiny red Mary Jane shoes.

Notable Relationships

Harvey Girls

She is a huge fanatic of them, and the president of their fan club.


  • Lucretia is based on her official counterpart, a supporting character from the Little Audrey comic series.
  • Lucretia is one of the three characters in Harvey Street Kids to originate from the Little Audrey comics, the other two being Melvin and Tiny.
  • She has the secret of "eating waffles while playing tennis".


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