Lotta[3] is one of the main characters of Harvey Street Kids, and a member of the Harvey Girls. Despite being based on Lotta Plump of Harvey Comics, there is no evidence that she is her descendant.


Lotta used to be called "Little' Lotta" because she was the tiniest kid on the block (even tinier than Tiny, who back then was called "Tiny-ish). This was until she hit a growth spurt.


Lotta has a kind and caring personality, especially towards close friends and animals. She can also be frightened very easily. She takes friendship seriously and will do anything to keep her relationships stable. She likes befriending others as well. She refers to herself as "the best snuggler and cuddler of Harvey Street."

Lotta sees the beauty in everything and everyone, which causes people to take advantage of her sometimes. She is also for any cute animal, as she describes herself as "friends with all animals," who usually come to her when she needs help (however, the only exception is raccoons). She has a hoard of pet rabbits.

When she goes into a fit of rage, she hulks out. Even she speaks in Hulk-ish sentences.

Physical Appearance

Lotta wears a light blue hoodie, a pinkish t-shirt underneath her hoodie, a pink tutu, peach colored pants and dark gray and yellow boots.

Skills and Abilities

Lotta has been shown to be incredibly strong and, despite her size, swift and nimble on her feet.



Audrey and Lotta are best friends. They met by crashing into each other when going to the tree. They seem to be complete opposites as Lotta is more carefree and Audrey is more brave and tough. Lotta tends to be amazed at what Audrey can create.


Dot and Lotta are best friends. They also met by crashing into each other. They both like the same boy band and know the dance moves to it.


They have been friends since the day she was once “Lil’ Lotta.” Whenever he’s put in a dangerous position, she will always be there for him.

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She has a crush on him ever since he arrive on Harvey Street. She has been holding it a secret for so long. But, when the word is out after a fabricated secret of his diet is inadvertenty true, they became practically star-crossed lovers ever since.

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Episode Appearances


  • Lotta is based on her official counterpart Little Lotta, who first appeared in 1953 as a back-page feature in Little Dot. Originally, Lotta and Dot were long-time BFFs and often appeared in each other's comics. They never met Audrey.
  • Unlike her major counterpart, who is actually a tomboy who eats more than everything, Lotta is a lot more feminine.
  • She is flat-footed.
  • Her favorite song is "Forgive and Forget" by Crush4U.
  • Her favorite colors are green, royal blue, and golden orange.
  • She seems to have an obsession with a band called Crush4U.
  • She can knit with her feet.
  • Sometimes, she either farts or burps.
  • She named near all her pet bunnies after her best friends Audrey and Dot.
  • In the comics, Lotta's full name was Lotta Plump. However, so far, Lotta's last name has not been revealed yet in Harvey Street Kids.


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