Fredo Gupta[1] is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids.


He is shown to be the smartest of the Bloogey Boys (although that's not saying much).

Notable Relationships

  • Bloogey Boys: Melvin and Pinkeye are Fredo's best friends. They all became friends after catching each other picking their noses at the same time.


  • Fredo is one of the five recurring characters to be created specifically for the show, the four being Frufru, The Bow, Pinkeye, and Bobby.
  • He loves dumb horror movies, but can't sleep without a night light.
  • His weakness is math.
  • According to Lotta, he smells like bologna.
  • According to the package of the incomplete Season 2 creations, he never likes fireworks because of how loud they were, so he needed ear plugs or he can cover his ears if he does not have ear plugs with him.
  • He wears his cape to hide that he somehow grew a third buttock after Stu tried to give him a wedgie that went wrong.


  1. Revealed in the episode "Planet of the Capes"
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