Emil is a minor character in Harvey Girls Forever!.


Emil is a Norwegian exchange boy who went to preschool with Dot, Chevron, Penny and Lucretia. Because he was present at the reunion meeting, he has likely lived in the United States since then.

Of all the tertiary characters, he has had the fewest appearances where he has only appeared in the episodes "A More Perfect Reunion" and "The Lice Storm". Where the first is the only instance where he speaks and after the second, the character stops appearing and being mentioned without an apparent explanation in the series' universe. Therefore, it is unknown if he continues to live on Harvey Avenue.


He is a boy with pale white skin and blond hair. He wears a sleeveless red jacket with a gold collar and a long sleeve white shirt. In the lower region, he wears black pants, dark blue socks and black shoes with yellow buckles.


Little is known of Emil's tastes. He was shown picking flowers in "The Lice Storm" and seemed interested that Dot might be his compatriot and from the Norwegian royalty.


  1. A full year has passed between the episodes Cheer and Present Danger to Richie Rich and the Tapir of Doom
  2. Assume a similar age that Frufru, as seen on FruLess
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