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This article focuses on the interactions between Dot and Pinkeye.


Dot and Pinkeye don't have much interaction with each other, unless it's conflict involving the rest of Harvey Girls and Bloogey Boys. Later on in the series Dot find out Pinkeye likes the things she is into. They then become close after that and seem to be great friends. He once gave her a booger sculpture where she resembles a Greek Goddess.

War and Trees[]

Dot and Pinkeye are on opposing sides, as the Bloogey Boys won't allow Tiny into their treehouse because he's too small. The girls do their best to get Tiny, after he's finally accepted in, Audrey tells Melvin to apologize which causes him to change his mind, The two groups then engage in a war, Dot makes a rule that no boogers are to be involves, but Pinkeye opposes and says boogers stay, which Dot reluctantly agrees to.

Trade Wreck[]

Pinkeye trades candy for Lucretia's hornacorn toys to give to Melvin, so he can brutally destroy them. In order to get the toys back, the Harvey Girls trade a fake zuquini card for the toys, causing everyone to start breaking rules. After admitting to their wrongs, Dot gives the toys back to Pinkeye and asks him to make sure they don't suffer, to which he agrees. Luckily, Pinkeye keeps the toys for himself.

New Kid on the Block[]

Pinkeye waits all day in the forever mud puddle for the girls to come for a splash fight.

It's a Wonderful LARP[]

The Bloogey Boys allow the Harvey Girls to LARP with them, mainly because they need "maidens" to play, though Pinkeye does not think they need them since he thinks he'd make a great maiden.

My Sectional Romance[]

The Bloogey Boys and Harvey Girls argue throughout the episode over who should get the couch to put in their base and refuse to share. However, after realizing that they all love the couch, they decide to work together to get it out of a tree. After realizing that the couch wouldn't fit in either of their bases, both groups decide to leave it in the middle of the park for everyone to enjoy, until they realized that their was a wasp's nest under one of the cushions and nobody wanted to go near the couch again.

Campfire Weekend[]


Citizen Cape[]



Dot accuses Pinkeye of eating the last box of Super Sweeto Cavity Blastems in existence and tries to prove he's guilty until she finds out Bobby was the real culprit. To show his forgiveness, he gives her a booger statue in her image, much to her (nauseated) decline.

The Great Brain Robbery[]


Pretty in Pinkeye[]


The Monsters Are Due on Harvey Street[]